I studied Banking and Finance at university, and even though I found it all very interesting, I realised it was not for me. Soon after that, I was studying information systems and app development. That's where things got exciting. After working on an app project at university I decided to become an iOS developer, and combine creativity and software to create useful and fun applications, that I would find myself using.

Recently I’ve been very interested in Photography and Videography as a hobby. My main Instagram account is below, which includes mainly landscapes and some portraits, every now and then. For collaboration, rates or booking please contact me

Apps portfolio

I have built a few applications over the years in my journey as an iOS developer. They have have been side projects that I have built as a way to improve my skills and satisfy my curiosity, creativity and entrepreneurial interests.

Uncaption. 2020

An app to automatically add captions to your videos. The audio goes to the cloud, and you get a push notification when the transcription is ready, usually within 2 minutes.

Tech stack

Database: Firebase firestore,
Storage: AWS S3
Processing audio: AWS Transcribe
Cloud functions: Lambda, Firebase Cloud Functions
Push Notifications: Firebase Cloud messaging.
Subscriptions: RevenueCat API
App language: Swift
Cloud functions language: Javascript

Colorfix. 2018-2019

An app to create instagram stories using templates. Supports images and videos, as well as simple animated text labels.

Tech stack

Database: Atlas MongoDB
Server: Parse server in Heroku
Subscriptions: RevenueCat API
App language: Swift
Cloud functions: Javascript

Videofix. 2016

Videofix is simple video editing application that allows you to speed up videos, merge videos together, apply filters and add music as well. I have stopped development of this application.

Tech stack

Fully written in iOS with no external libraries used.

Next up, a Flutter project

At the moment I am really excited to be working on a new side project that will be built using Flutter. Given the set of features this project will be the biggest project I have taken on by myself, but I am ready for a challenge.

I see this project as an opportunity for me to work with different technologies, such as Flutter, Google Firebase and Google Cloud. Additionally, these projects help me learn and acquire skills in design and marketing.